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Snoring Can Ruin Your Love Life! How Sleep Dentistry Can Help

December 4, 2017

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angry woman with snoring parnterUgh. Snoring is awful! This sound that you make while you’re off in dreamland can seriously annoy your partner and embarrass you. But too many people dismiss snoring as a mere inconvenience; they might not understand that it can indicate a serious underlying health problem, and that it can have a big effect your relationships with others. What causes snoring, and what can you to do sleep quieter (and better) every night? Sleep dentistry in Arlington Heights may be able to help you and your significant other rest easier.

What Causes Snoring?

When air can’t move freely through your nose and throat, it whooshes past soft tissues, causing them to vibrate. That’s what creates the sound that is driving your partner up the wall. Pretty much everyone snores once in a while. Sometimes, the cause is something as simple as allergies or the common cold. Chronic snoring, however, often points to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

OSA is a condition wherein something, such as your tongue or other soft tissues in your throat or mouth, obstructs your airway when you’re asleep. The result is that you temporarily stop breathing. You resume taking in air with a loud gasp or body jerk.

Why It’s Important to Stop Snoring in Arlington Heights

If your partner claims that you snore, or that you move a lot or making a lot of gasping noises at night, don’t get defensive, and don’t deny the issue. Even if you don’t think you snore, remember that your partner knows better than you do. Addressing the problem could save your romantic relationship!  One survey even found that one in five people will leave the bed if their partner is snoring. It’s a sure-fire way to turn off your love life.

OSA can even affect your relationships during the day. Not getting enough rest may put you in a bad mood, causing you to treat others in a harsh or dismissive manner.

Even more important, though, is your health. OSA can seriously downgrade the quality of your sleep, causing you to be exhausted day after day. Over a period of months or years, your lack of good shuteye could contribute to conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

How Your Dentist Can Help

If you suspect that you have OSA, the first thing you should do is seek an official diagnosis. Then, you can learn about the next steps you need to take.

Often, sleep apnea therapy in Arlington Heights is as simple as wearing an oral appliance at night. It will gently shift the jaw forward, repositioning things in your mouth so your airway is no longer obstructed while you’re catching some Zs. You’ll stop snoring, enjoy better health, and have a happier partner. It’s a win-win situation!

OSA and its accompanying snoring can put a damper on every aspect of your life, including your romantic endeavors. Why not learn more about sleep dentistry in Arlington Heights so you can have a better night every night?

About the Dentist

Dr. Brian Zulawinski is your dentist in Arlington Heights. As member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, he is highly qualified to help you reclaim a good night’s rest (and maybe even give your love life a boost). If you have questions about OSA, please contact our office at 847-253-7477.

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