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How Arlington Heights Combined Therapy Could Be Your Sleep Solution

CPAP mask and apnea appliance on tableWhen it comes to treating sleep apnea, there are 3 main options: CPAP therapy, oral appliance therapy, and surgery. As you can imagine, patients would prefer to avoid surgery if they can, which leaves us with the other two. CPAP therapy is the most commonly prescribed treatment, and oral appliance therapy is a tremendously successful option as well.

However, sometimes neither of these treatments can offer the solution a patient needs. In many cases, a patient may be CPAP intolerant, and they may also not be able to get the treatment they need with oral appliance therapy.  Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that they have to go under the knife. With the help of Dr. Brian Zulawinski, a sleep apnea patient in Arlington Heights now has another option: combined therapy.

What is Combined Therapy?

Illustration of question marksCombined therapy blends CPAP therapy and oral appliance therapy into one extremely effective sleep solution. It works by having a patient wear an oral appliance while using a CPAP machine.

With these two methods working together, a patient can often put their CPAP machine on a lower setting, which can lessen the discomfort associated with having air pumped into the throat. This, in turn, also reduces the noise the machine creates, which is excellent news if a patient has a bed partner. It even enables a patient to just wear a small nasal mask instead of a complete facial mask, which can help eliminate the feelings of claustrophobia many patients experience.

With combined therapy, now even more people can successfully treat their sleep apnea and take control of their long term health.

The Benefits of Combined Therapy

Smiling man stretching in bed

Curious About Combined Therapy?

Man sleeping soundly with nasal CPAP and oral applianceWith combined therapy, two long trusted treatments come together to offer a fantastic third option for those who need sleep apnea relief. Using this ingenious strategy, Dr. Zulawinski is able to help people finally get the sleep they need while avoiding surgery. If you think combined therapy could be exactly what your sleep needs, please contact our office today.

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